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Parisian Brunch: Where to Find the Best Brunch Spots in Paris



Nothing screams relaxation quite like a decadent brunch in Paris! A leisurely brunch is the perfect way to spend the morning strolling along the cobblestone streets, taking in the sights and enjoying the sweet aromas of freshly baked croissants and coffee that fill the air. And while there are countless places to get delicious brunch in Paris, we’ve compiled a list of the best places to enjoy a brunch with a Parisian flair.
Parisian Brunch: Where to Find the Best Brunch Spots in Paris

1. Rise and Shine: Exploring the Unforgettable Brunch Culture in the City of Love

When in the City of Love, brunch is a must. Enjoy an unforgettable experience and explore Parisian culture with a delicious morning meal. Here are some of the grooviest places to joy brunch:

  • Café Lomi: A long-standing favorite, Café Lomi serves up classic French breakfast favorites with a modern Parisian twist. Egg dishes like their omelette with ‘Haricots Verts’ (green beans) mixed in with smoky bacon is mouthwateringly good. Don’t leave without trying its signature ‘pain au chocolat’ – a decadent croissant baked with oozing Belgian chocolate inside.
  • Redemption: Redemption stands apart with its ‘vegan-friendly’ brunch menu. With items like warm pancakes, smoothie bowls and vegan omelettes, bring the entire family here without having to worry about anyone going without.
  • Michi: Michi has a soul-satisfying selection of simple-yet-flavorful dishes. Their traditional French omelette comes wrapped in slices of melted cheese – don’t miss it! Michi also offers a classic ‘crème brûlée’ that is cooked to perfection and makes for a delightful end to the meal.

Relax in the outdoor seating that many of Paris’s brunch stops offer, sip a café au lait, and savor the unique cultural experience. Try some of these unforgettable brunch places next time you’re in Paris – these dishes will surely make your morning magical.

2. A Gastronomic Adventure: Unearthing Paris’ Hidden Gems for the Perfect Brunch

From green nooks tucked away in tranquil parks to cozy bistros tucked away in the narrowest of lanes, Paris brims with hidden gems just waiting to be discovered. These enchanting eateries offer the perfect venue for a weekend brunch, creating a familial atmosphere that will warm your heart.

1. Épicerie Paul Bert
Nestled in the 11th arrondissement, this charming deli offers the perfect setting for chilled out brunching. On weekends, the place fills up quickly with locals looking to indulge in their Mediterranean-style breakfast. Think savory morsels made with fresh market ingredients, such as cream cheese, smoked salmon, and roasted tomatoes on crunchy sourdough bread.

2. La Rotonde de la Muette
Discover one of the secrets of the Parc des Princes – The delightful café ‘La Rotonde de la Muette’. This tranquil hideout is the perfect spot for long brunches with friends and family, offering classic French favorites along with a few modern twists.

3. Café Marlette
For the perfect blend of modern French cuisine and traditional Parisian charm, this café situated on the banks of the Seine is the place to be. Café Marlette serves up a delicious array of brunch items, such as homemade pancakes, crepes, and omelets, with seasonal specials on the menu.

4. Quantity et Qualité
This stylish café in the 12th arrondissement is the perfect spot for both casual brunching and decadent feasting. From poached eggs to cassoulet and quiches, Quantity et Qualité has something for every taste. The menu changes frequently, offering exciting new combinations to tantalize your taste buds.

5. Café Marly
Located inside the glass dome of the iconic Louvre, this restaurant offers an exquisite view of the Tuileries Garden. Café Marly specializes in delicious early morning treats like homemade croissants, yogurt with honey and nuts, fresh fruit salads, and, of course, coffee.

3. An Epicurean Journey: Discovering the Crème de la Crème of Parisian Brunch Spots

Parisian cuisine is renowned the world over for its exquisite flavors, and a Parisian brunch is no different. What could be more French than a leisurely Sunday morning with an endless selection of delightful dishes? Whether you’re looking for something light and airy or robust and savory, Paris has something to suit all tastes.

Café de la Presse is the place to go if you’re looking for a Paris brunch with a side of sophistication. Located in the heart of the city, it features an extensive menu of classic and modern French dishes. From steak tartare to classic French toast, everything is made with the freshest ingredients. And don’t miss the extensive cocktail list—perfect for a boozy brunch.

LeRoseval is a Parisian brunch spot that infuses the flavors of the city into its menu. Its take on the French classic “le Croque Monsieur” is particularly flavorful, with generous layers of gruyere and ham. There’s something for everyone here, from the passion fruit smoothie to the creative egg dishes. And, be sure to try the pink champagne. It’s delightful!

For those who like a little more of a laid-back atmosphere, Chez Jeannette is the perfect Sunday spot. This quaint café has all of the traditional French favorites, as well as some creative dishes. The omelette options are delicious, especially the “truffle tarragon”. Don’t forget the fresh croissants, and if you’re feeling adventurous, try the rosemary and olive oil cake. Yum!

Last but not least is the chic Claus restaurant. Everything here, from the beautiful surroundings to the amazing food, will make for an unforgettable Parisian brunch experience. Start off your meal with a fish tartare, followed by one of the restaurant’s specialties, “duck à l’orange”. For dessert, you must try one of their warm chocolate desserts. You can’t go wrong!

No matter what kind of brunch experience you’re looking for, these Parisian brunch spots have something to offer everyone. From croque monsieur to duck à l’orange, these five restaurants are the crème de la crème of Parisian brunch.

4. Breakfast Bliss: Indulge in Paris’ Most Delectable and Instagram-worthy Brunch Destinations

Paris – the city of love – is no stranger to brunch. In the last few years, the most delicious and Instagram-worthy brunch spots have become an important part of the city’s social landscape. So, follow us around Paris and enjoy the city’s culinary delights – without leaving the sofa.

Wild and the Moon

A favorite of many ‘budding’ Instagram influencers, Wild and the Moon offers a unique blend of vegan and gluten-free cuisine in ultra-stylish surroundings. Their savory and sweet brunch dishes make for a truly unforgettable experience. Their menu varies seasonal but some must-trys on the list include the yaki-momo açai smoothie bowl, the vegan spaghetti and veggie ‘meat’ balls and the smoothie bowl cacao and banana.

Fragments Artisan Boulangerie

Fragments Artisan Boulangerie is a neighborhood patisserie with a twist! Offering artisan breakfast with a bit of French sophistication, everything from quiches, souffles, and omelets can be enjoyed with the freshest of breads, croissants and pastries. And in true French fashion, you can also enjoy a variety of coffee types flavored with almond and hazelnuts.

Café Trama

Café Trama spells out all the good, Sunday vibes. This industrial-chic café not only offers a perfect backdrop for your brunch photos but also a great brunch menu. We would highly suggest you try the smoked salmon, poached egg & spinach, the spicy shakshuka with a homemade focaccia or the breakfast toast muffins.

  • Holybelly 5 – This popular brunch spot serves up all-day brunch classics along with some unique dishes. From biscuits to their signature waffles, you’re guaranteed to be coming back for more!
  • Café Mericourt – The perfect brunch spot for those who are looking for a classic French approach to their meal. Choose from their carefully curated menu that consists of a variety of eggs benedicts, croissants and almond croissants.
  • Mamie & Co – For the early risers, Mamie is the place to be. It is a wonderful neighborhood bistro that serves a creative selection of both French and non-French dishes. Start your day with one of their signature dishes like the heavenly scrambled eggs ‘fromage’ and the spelt pancakes with seasonal fruits.

Wherever you decide to go, Paris is sure to spoil you with deliciousness and style. Our list of the top brunch spots is sure to satisfy any food-loving traveler or local!

So if you’re looking for the best brunches that Paris has to offer, make sure to explore the menu of some of these local hot spots. Bon Appétit and Au Revoir!

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